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How to create and manage your projects. Can't find an answer? Click the chat in the bottom right.
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Marking a Change Order (or Option) as "SOLD"
How to Use the Engineering Scrub Stage
Add an Engineer and Project Manager
How to Migrate a Project to a New Office Location
Turn On Asset Tracking
Moving Project Stages
Purchasing Order Quantities
How to Turn On the Engineering/Scrub Stage
Project Registration
Creating and Using Change Orders (& Options) in the Builder
Replacing Items in a Project
Sales Tasks
How to Render a Change Order Report
Room Breakout
Project Sharing
Restoring Projects from the Trash Folder
Margin vs Markup
Emptying the Trash
How to Add a Manufacturer Discount to a Project
How to Add, Delete, or Edit Spec Sheets
Tracking Discounts and Deposits in a Project
Creating a Project Template
Team Viewing
How to Deactivate a Room or System
Strip Labor Tool
How to Export Project Data to CSV File
Creating Bundles
Marking Items as "In Stock" on the Purchasing page
My Quickbooks Export Didn't Work
Create Labor as a Line Item
Exporting Your Projects to Quickbooks Online
Creating Purchase Orders for Partial Quantities
What is Smart Rounding?
Editing a Bundle
Copy or Move Items to Another Room
How to mark items 'Received'
Selling a Project in a Different Currency
Change Labor Costs on a Project
Locking Items
Margin Worksheet
Purchase Orders
How to set a Room Quantity
Adding a Service Package to a Project
Archiving Projects
Creating a Project