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How to share projects with other users

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Project sharing allows you to share your projects with other Jetbuilt users. Each time you share a project, a new version will be created in the recipient's account.  They can edit or bid on the project as needed. The original version of the project will remain in your account.

A few things to note:
Projects can only be shared between Jetbuilt accounts - the recipient will need to have a Jetbuilt account in order to access the project.

Projects are stripped of your costs and labor value when they are shared, so the recipient will not see your dealer cost or labor estimates.  

To share a project:
Open the project, and select the 'Sharing' tab on the left navigation bar.

This takes you to the project sharing page where any previous recipients of that project will be listed. Click + Add Recipient to add a new recipient of that project.

This will open a window that allows you to enter the email of the user you want to share the project with. This window will also display recent recipients of that project for easy reference.

You can select whether you'd like to share a copy or a version of that project.

When you share a copy, the recipient will receive a separate copy of the project. You will not have access to their edits.

When you share a version, it creates a new version of the project within your account. You will be able to see any edits the recipient makes within this version.

Follow this link for a video walk through of Project Sharing

We hope this helps! Please reach out to us in support chat if you have any questions 🙂

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