When Jetbuilt receives updated pricing information, we automatically update the pricing in the database for all users connected to that vendor. We don't automatically change the costs on any of your existing projects. Instead, you will see a cost increase notification that allows you to import the updated pricing if you'd like.

Why does this icon show up?

When this icon displays next to a project, it means that there exists one or more items in the project that have costs that don't match the item's cost in your database.

This happens frequently with older projects as vendors change their prices and those prices are updated in our system. The cost increase notification will also appear if a user edits the cost of an item so that it no longer matches the cost on the price sheet. It may be that the cost was intentionally set lower, such as removing the cost for Owner Furnished Equipment, in which case you can disregard the icon.

Why not just push updated costs to a project when they are available?

Changing the costs on existing projects may affect margins on quotes that have already been discussed with or sold to clients, so pricing updates never affect your existing projects.
We provide this pricing alert so that you can update those costs if you'd like, or you can leave them as-is if needed. This way, you have the power to screen any changes being made to your projects.

How to find the item with outdated cost:

In the Projects Area, one or more projects may display the icon signifying a cost increase on one of the items.

Select the project, and on the Overview page you will see an indicator next to each Room and System that contains an outdated item.

To edit the cost, go into the builder and navigate to the location of the item with the cost increase.

Select the indicated item and, in the Edit Item modal, you can click the Import Dealer Cost button to load the updated cost for your item.

I hope this clarifies why this icon is appearing and what to do with it. Feel free to ping the support team in chat and ask us any questions you may have!

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