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What to do when your project costs are out of date
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When Jetbuilt receives updated dealer pricing information from your price sheets or from our vendor partners, we automatically update the pricing in the database for all users connected to that vendor. We don't automatically change the costs on any of your existing projects though. Instead, you will see a cost increase notification that allows you to import the updated pricing if you'd like.

Why does this icon show up?

When this icon displays next to a project, it means that one or more items in the project contain costs that are lower than the cost in your database. This may indicate that the cost is outdated, or it may appear if you manually edit the cost of an item so that it is lower than your dealer cost.

Why not just push updated costs to a project when they are available?

Some users may have a reason for keeping the cost as originally quoted. For example, they may have agreements with a vendor to sell a project at the originally quoted rate.

Changing the costs on existing projects will also affect margins on quotes that may have already been discussed with or sold to clients.

For this reason, we insulate your existing projects from pricing updates.
Rather than automatically updating your cost, we provide this pricing alert so that you can screen any changes made to your projects.

How to find the item with outdated cost:

In the Projects Area, you will see a cost increase notification next to each project that contains one or more items with an outdated cost:

When you open the project to the Overview page, you will see an indicator next to each Room and System that contain an outdated item:

In the Builder you will see an indicator next to each individual line item as well:

How to Update Costs in Bulk:

If you'd like to pull in the updated costs for all items in your project at once, click any of the Cost Increase Indicators on the Overview page:

This will open a pop-up that will confirm the number of items that will be affected:

Select "Update All Costs" to pull in the new costs for all outdated items in your project.

How to Update Costs Individually:

If you want to update some items in the project but not others, you can do so within the Builder. Simply click the Cost Increase Indicator next to each item that you want to update:

You can also pull in the updated cost from within the Edit Item modal. Just click the Import Dealer Cost button:

Please note that if there are several instances of the same item across your project (the same model in different Rooms, for example) they will all be updated when you do this.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help!

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