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Find out how to request project registration with a vendor for collaboration and information sharing
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Jetbuilt designers and integrators can request Project Registration with a specific vendor.

You will be able to share with a vendor the products used in your project. Depending on that vendor's partner level with Jetbuilt, you will be able to share your products with them via email with an attached .csv, or directly in-app within Jetbuilt.

If you are ready to fill out a Registration Request, jump down to the "Filling Out a Registration Request" section below.

Vendor Requests

The Projects>Registration page will populate with vendors whose items you have selected to use in your project. On the Projects>Registration page, you will be able to see which vendors are participating with in-app vendor requests.

If a vendor is not set up as an in-app partner, you can send them a registration request via email. They will receive the products you share with them via .csv. They will have the option to reply to you directly by email, or join the In-App registration program.

In-App Vendor Requests

Creating a Registration Request

Creating a Registration request with an in-app partner will allow you to choose what information will be shared with the vendor. You must share that vendor's line items.

You can also choose to share all the line items in the project, as well as the Room Scopes from your Projects>Builder. (Only in-app partners may view Room Scopes when shared by you.)

Viewing Submitted Registration Requests

Requesting Registration with an in-app vendor will share a Builder view of the Line Items in your project. After a request, you can continue to interact with your project in any way you need.

The vendor's view will be an active and live link to your shared items, meaning any changes that you make will be reflected live in the vendor's view of the project in real-time. You will be able to collaborate with the vendor and receive feedback on your alternatives or additions in real time using the Project > Discussions tab.

Discussing a Registration Request

You can use the Project > Discussions tab to discuss any aspect of this project with the vendor in real-time. A thread titled with the Vendor Name will be created to share information between your team and the in-app vendor contact.

Your request will be in a "Pending" status, until it is approved, or declined, by the vendor.

Approved Requests

When a Vendor approves your Registration Request, they have the option to apply special dealer pricing. If they are able to apply any special dealer pricing, when they click "Approve" on your Registration Request, those dealer prices will be updated to the project directly as your new cost for those items.

You will find those new costs in the Builder, applied directly to the approved line items.

Filling Out a Registration Request

When filling out a Registration Request in the Registration Request Modal, you will see the Client and Project Information.

The Project Registration modal pulls in the "Client Name" and "Project Address" from the Project Details modal, and pulls the contact denoted as the "Primary Contact" for that Client from your Clients area.

You can enter in any additional Project Description details and the Project Installation Schedule.

This information will be provided to the vendor with your vendor registration request.

Editing Client and Project Information

Note: Care must be taken if any changes are made in the Registration modal upon registering a project. To make any project-only changes to Client Name, a best practice is to use the Project Details modal before a Registration Request is initiated.

If you want to modify the Client Name only for the project being registered, then use the Projects > Project Details modal.

If you want to modify the Client Name globally in your Jetbuilt account, then edit the Client Name in the Projects > Registration modal itself.

If you modify the Project Address in the Registration modal, this will change the Project's Address in the Project Details modal to the address you entered.

Hope this helps! We look forward to your feedback on this new feature for Jetbuilt!

If you need any further assistance, please reach out to us in Support Chat!

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