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How to Set a Room Quantity
How to Set a Room Quantity

When multiple rooms contain the same equipment, use a Room Quantity.

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Enterprise users can use the Room Quantity tool to set up multiple rooms that contain the same equipment. For example, if you are outfitting a school with 10 identical classrooms, you can enter a Room Quantity rather than entering each room individually.

To add a room quantity, go to the Builder and select the room you'd like to multiply. Hover your mouse over the room name, and click on the edit icon. 

In the Edit Room overlay, enter the room quantity and click 'Update'. 

You will now see the total per room, along with the total for all of the rooms.

Note: When you select All Rooms/All Systems in the builder, the room quantity will not be included in the total.  To see the Project Total including all room quantities, go to the Overview Page. 

This feature is only available for Enterprise accounts. To see what other features come with Enterprise, check out our pricing page

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