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Dynamic Text Fields in the Builder

How to use the extra dynamic text fields in the builder

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Using dynamic text is a great way to avoid having to go to the Designer each and every time that you need to make a text edit to your proposal. In the designer, there are multiple dynamic text options that pull from the info in your project, such as Project Name, Project Version, Client Name, and more. In this article, we will address how to use three dynamic text fields that you have access to right from within the builder – Discussion Page Text, Text 1, and Text 2.

To access these, first make sure that your project is selected. Then, go to Builder and look under Additional Tools. Click on Dynamic Text, and a text box will open up with headers for the three fields.

Discussion Page Text
The Discussion Page Text is simple - whatever text you put here is what will appear in the Discussion Page type. To learn more about how to create and implement your Discussion Page, click here.

Text 1 and Text 2
These fields can be whatever you want them to be. We created Text 1 and Text 2 as simple points of access for you to place whatever interchangeable text you need in your proposals. These fields can be placed anywhere on your pages - In the Designer, simply add the dynamic text field called "Project Text 1" or "Project Text 2" wherever you like. Then any text that you add to the fields in the Builder will be inserted into that space.

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