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How to add a Restocking Fee to a Change Order
How to add a Restocking Fee to a Change Order

Adding custom line items to your change orders for restocking fees or other charges.

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If your client decides they'd like to swap out some equipment after you've already begun construction, it's common to charge a restocking fee.

Here's how to quickly add a restocking fee to your Change Orders:

1. Create the Change Order in the Builder

2. Create a Custom Line Item. To do this, select the CO and click +Add Items, then +Create New Item.

3. Name the item "Restocking Fee." You can set the "Manufacturer Name" to your company name to make it easily applicable to all products that need to be restocked.

4. Set the cost and sell price accordingly. If there is any labor involved in returning/restocking those items, you can add labor values as well.

This will add the fee to your change order so it will be included in the client's total upgrade/downgrade price.

Once you have set this up as a custom product, it will be saved to your database so you can easily add it to your COs in the future. Just click +Add Items to search for it, and adjust the price as needed.

Hope this helps - let us know if you have any questions!

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