Tax Discounts
How to set up a Tax Discount
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Tax Discounts allow you to easily account for clients with different tax liabilities, like churches, schools, or government buildings.

To set up a tax discount:

1. Go to Settings > Company > Currency/Tax

2. Click +Add Tax Discount

3. Give the discount an internal name (for your reference), and a name as you would like it to appear to the client.

4. Select whether you'd like to reduce the tax rate directly or provide a discount percentage off the total tax amount. You can also make this default if you'd like it to apply to all projects.


Reduce total tax amount by 10%. $100 tax total on the project would be reduced to $90.

Reduce tax rate by 5%. An 8.5% tax rate would be reduced to a 3.5% tax rate on the project.

5. Click Add.

Once your tax discount is set up, you can apply it to your projects.

To apply a Tax Discount to your Project:

1. Open the project, and go to the Project Details menu

2. Select the tax discount from the dropdown menu. 

Hope this helps - let us know if you have any questions!

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