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Changing an Item's Tax Status Within a Project
Changing an Item's Tax Status Within a Project

How to turn tax on/off within a project for equipment, shipping, and labor.

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If your project requires different tax settings than those set up in your default tax preferences, you can override those tax preferences by editing tax within each project.

Here are a few places you can edit an item's tax status within a project:

1. Use the Edit Items tool to bulk edit tax status in the Builder:

2. Use the add/edit item modal to edit a single items' tax status:

3. Enterprise users can use the 'Edit Columns' tool (aka the Megabuilder) to bulk-edit the tax status on each labor type individually.

To do this, click 'Edit Columns' and select "Tax For Each Labor Type".

Then click 'Edit Items' and you can bulk-edit the tax for each labor type in your project:

Hope this helps - please reach out to us in support chat if you have any questions!

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