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How to Use 'Tags'
How to Use 'Tags'
Categorizing your Rooms and Systems with Tags
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Tags offer a third level of organization within the Builder for Enterprise users.

This feature can be used to organize items within a room or system in whatever way suits your needs. You can use them for Floors, Buildings, Campuses, sub-systems, etc.

To use Tags, you will need to first enable them in the Settings area.  To do this, go to Settings > Company > Defaults and select the checkbox that says "Enable Tags".

From this page you can also add or edit your default tags, though you can always add new tags on a per-project basis as well.  

Once you have turned this feature on, you will find a new 'Tags' section in the Builder underneath Rooms and Systems. 

You can use them in the same way you use Rooms and Systems - assign them to line items to filter the items in the builder.

Note that Tags are currently only for internal use, and they don't show up on proposals to your clients.

As always, feel free to ping us on the chat if you have any questions!

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