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Item Types

Item Types are a way to store a user-identified category for each item

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You can assign a custom category for every item in your database with Item Types.

Your company’s list of Item Types can be configured in Settings>Company>Defaults.

If you are an Enterprise user, you can add the Item Type column to display the type for each line item in the Builder.

You can add or edit the item type for each item in your project from within the Edit Item window. Click the dropdown arrow to search for and select an existing item type. You can also enter the name of a new item type that will be saved in your Company Settings.

Item types can also be added to your items in bulk by clicking the Edit Items button in the Builder.

If you add an item type to an item within the Builder and want to save it for future use, the item type can be included in the Push to Database selection.

In the Vendors>Products area, you will see a new column for “Type” that will display the item’s type, if there is one.

When item types are assigned to items, you also have the ability to run a P&L Report for the project and break out the equipment by Type.

We hope this helps! Please reach out to us in Support Chat with any questions 🙂

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