This article walks you through the process of setting up a new project. Note that some of the options on your New Project modal will be different depending on your company settings.

Rest assured that all of the information you enter on the project setup form can be edited once the project is created, just go to the "Project Details" panel if you need to make changes.

To Create a New Project:

  1. Select the Projects tab in the left navigation bar

  2. Click +Add New Project

3. Fill in the project details:

  • Name your project

  • Set an opening budget

  • Select the probability (how likely this project is to close)

  • Select a Close Date (the date you expect the client to sign the contract)

  • If you are an Enterprise user with multiple company Offices, be sure to select the correct Office Location at the top

  • Add a client. If the client is already in your Clients List, start typing their name and it will appear in the dropdown. If there is a Primary Contact set up for that client, you can select that here as well. If the client isn't in the system yet, you can fill in their information here, and their name will be saved to your client list for future use.

  • If you have a payment schedule set up in your Company Settings, it will automatically populate here. You can edit it as needed for this specific project, or type in a new one if you don't yet have a default schedule set up.

  • If you are a Funnel user, select a Sales Category for filtering/tracking your leads

  • Upload a Project Image if you'd like. (This is just for internal use).

4. Click Create Project

5. Add Rooms. You can select them from your company defaults, or add new rooms in the list on the right, then click Next. You can also click 'Add Later' if you just want to start building without adding your rooms right now.

6. Do the same for Systems, and Tags if applicable:

7. If you are an Enterprise user, select which team members should have access to this project. (Users with the permission to 'Access All Projects' will be automatically selected here)

Click 'Submit' and then you are ready to add some line items and create a proposal!

Hope this helps - let us know if you have any questions!

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