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Turn On Asset Tracking
Turn On Asset Tracking
Turn On Asset Tracking to Manage Assets or Receive Items in the Alternate Stock Workflow
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Use this process to turn on Asset Tracking for your Project or to Receive Items into Stock directly to a Project.

Marking Items as Assets in the Builder:

When creating your Project in the Builder, be sure to mark as "Assets" the Items that you will want to track.

1. You can mark an Item as an Asset when you Add or Edit a line item in the Builder.

2. To mark an item as an Asset, scroll down to the bottom of the Add Item Modal and Selecting ASSET/SERIAL# TRACKING.

Enterprise users can set Items as Assets in bulk within the Builder

To bulk-edit items for Asset Tracking:

1. In the Builder, click 'Edit Columns'

2. Select the 'Asset Tracking' checkbox and 'Save'.

This will add an Asset column to the builder (represented by the letter A)

3. Click 'Edit Items', then select the Asset checkbox for any items you'd like to track, or select them all by checking the box in the column header:

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in Support!

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