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Project Market Segments

A.K.A. Project Markets, help you organize your projects into a variety of markets

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Project Markets (or Projects by Market) allow you to see market performance on your Dashboard. You can also choose which project markets your company uses, and edit those with labels/sub-categories, to ensure you only see relevant project markets.


To set up which project markets you will use, make sure you have the "Edit Company Settings (Admin)" permission, head into your Settings, and find the Markets section.

Enterprise Users

Go to Settings > Offices > "Office Name" > Markets.

Lite Users

Go to Settings > Company > Markets.

Creating Optional Labels/Sub-Categories

Once you are on the Market Segments settings page, you will see a list of main Segments.

Optional Labels

From here, you can create optional labels for the main Segment names. For example, if your company uses the term "Commercial" instead of "Corporate", you can click on the Corporate Segment, click +Add , and type "Commercial" into the empty text field.


You can also create sub-categories for the main Office Segment names. For example, if you use the distinctions "K-12" and "University" instead of just "Education", you can click on the Education Segment, click +Add , type "K-12" into the first empty text field, click +Add again, and type "University" into the second empty text field.

Editing the Main Segments List

Removing Segments

You can hover over a main Segment in the list and click on the red Remove text that appears to move the market segment to the Unused Segments list. This will remove that main Segment (and its corresponding optional label/sub-categories) from your main Segments list and into the Unused Segments list.

Re-Adding Segments

If you want to re-add a market segment in the Unused Segments list back to the main Segments list, hover over the segment's name and click the on the blue Add text that appears.

Saving Your Project Market Segments Settings

After you have made all the changes you'd like to your main Segments list, and have added the optional labels and sub-categories that you want to use, please make sure you click the gray Update Office button to save all your changes.


Information about Market Segments are viewable on the Dashboard. When you log in to your account, you will see a pie chart that shows your Projects by Market.

Projects by Market

Project Stages

You can click on the black down arrow to go back to the Projects Stages pie chart.

TIP: From either the Project Stages or Projects by Market pie charts, you can click on the text of a Project Stage or Market and be directed to your Projects list, which will be filtered based on the text you clicked.

Project Details

In the Project Details window of a project (or upon project creation), you can select which Market Segment that project is classified as. By selecting a Market Segment, you are adding the price of that project to the selected segment on the Dashboard pie chart.

To edit the Market Segment of a project while in the project, click on Project Details, and scroll down to the bottom of the window. You will see the Market Segment field, and you can click on the field name, select a different segment name, and click Update Project to save. Please note that this is a required field.

Note to Funnel Users: The "Market Segment" field has replaced the "Sales Category" field used in the Project Details window of a project.

We hope this helps! Please reach out to us in support chat if you have any questions 🙂

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