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Creating a Project Template
Creating a Project Template

How to set up a Project Template

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Projects can be stored as templates for future use. This is a great option to use if you use a common buildout for multiple different projects and clients.

(Click here to scroll down to the TL;DR steps.)

Creating a Template

To save a project as a template, create a project, build out the project with Rooms, Systems, items, etc., that you want as part of your template. When you're project is ready, go to the Overview tab.
In the top right, you will see the project stage tracker. Select Move.

Next click Select Other Stage.

Select Template and click Confirm Stage Change.ย 

This will save the project in the Templates folder to be used in the future, which can be found in your Projects list under the "Archive" filter.

Once you are ready to set up a project based on this template, open the template project, and duplicate it. This will create a copy of the template project, placed at the top of your Template projects list.

Head back to your Projects list filtered by "Template", click into the the new template copy project, rename it/change the client, and move it to the Estimate stage (or select whichever stage you want by again clicking Select Other Stage after you clicked Move).ย 

Your are now ready to move forward with your project!


  1. Create a project (add Rooms, Systems, items, and more) that will be used as the template.

  2. When finished, move the project to the Template stage.

  3. Go back to the Projects list and filter by Template.

  4. Click on your template project from the Projects list.

  5. Click Project Details.

  6. Scroll down and click Duplicate.

    1. (The project will duplicate into your Projects list.)

  7. Go back to your Projects list, filter by Template, find the template copy titled "[insert template name] copy", and click on it.

  8. Click MOVE to change the Project stage from Template to Estimate.

  9. Click Project Details to change client info, project name, etc.

  10. Done!

NOTE: If a project is saved as a template and it has the "Cost Increase Detected" icon, creating a new project based on that template (by duplicating the template then changing the copy's project stage) will not automatically update the costs for the items in the new project. You will still need to click on the "Cost Increase Detected" icon to update your costs.

We hope this helps! Please reach out to us in support chat if you have any questions ๐Ÿ™‚

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