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Using Change Orders to Replace Items with Owner Furnished Equipment
Using Change Orders to Replace Items with Owner Furnished Equipment

How to use change orders to swap line items for OFE

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If your client has already signed off on a contract, but then later decides that they'd like to provide some of their own equipment, you can use a Change Order to make this swap. This will allows you to quickly calculate a credit for those items.

In this example, we will be replacing this Panasonic LED screen with the same product that the client is providing. We will keep the labor charge in place, since it will still cost us some time to install it for them, but we will issue a CO credit for the equipment price, tax, and shipping.

  1. Click +Add Change Order and give the CO a name:

2. Click +Add Items and add the OFE equipment to the Change Order

3. Set the Cost and Sell Price to $0
4. Select the OFE checkbox
5. Select the checkbox that says "Replaces Existing Items That Are Already In This Project"

6. The "Replaces Existing Items..." checkbox will open a list of the items in your project. Select the item(s) that this piece of OFE will be replacing:

7. Repeat this for all of the OFE items, then render your Change Order report.

Your CO report will show a credit for the equipment price, shipping, and tax, but not for labor:

Hope this helps - let us know if you have any questions!

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