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How to Add a Manufacturer Discount to a Project
How to Add a Manufacturer Discount to a Project

Adding and editing discounts off of your dealer cost.

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Enterprise users can set a project-wide discount off of their cost using the manufacturer discounts feature.

Discounts can be applied per manufacturer (for bid registration discounts, etc.) across the project. If you have specific items that are exempt from the discount, or certain items that are set at a different discount level, you can adjust the discount per line item as well.

To set a project-wide discount:

1. Open the project and click Project Details in the left nav bar.

2. Scroll down to the "Manufacturer Discounts" section and click +Add Discount.

3. Type the name of the manufacturer and the discount percentage in the corresponding text boxes. Select 'Update Project' to apply the changes.

This will automatically set a discount on any existing items from that vendor in the project, and it will apply the discount to any new items you add for that vendor going forward.

This discount will be reflected in the DSCT% builder column. If you don't already have that column showing, you can click Edit Columns and select Manufacturer Discount % to add that column to the builder.

Adding/Editing Discounts per Line Item

With the DSCT% column showing, you can view and edit the discounts that are applied to your individual line items.

To add or edit a line item discount, just click Edit Items. This will open the discount fields for editing:

Your cost field will change to reflect the discount immediately (even before saving the form).

You can apply line item discounts to any items in the project, regardless of whether you have a project-level manufacturer discount set.


If an item has a Cost already, and you manually change the Cost of that item when adding it to your project, it will add a percentage to the DSCT% column, reflecting the discount to the item you just added. (This is a great way to add a discount to just one item from a manufacturer at the time you are adding it to the project!)

Here's a quick example of what the above-mentioned process specifically looks like:

You click Add Items, then search for an item. You click on an item from the list of results. That item populates the "Add Item" window. You see that the item already has a Cost (either from a price sheet, or from when it was saved or pushed to your database). You decide to manually change the Cost of the item to something higher or lower, then click Add and Close, adding the item to the project. Now a discount will appear in the DSCT% column, regardless of whether or not the DSCT% column was active in your Builder at the time. (So, even if you activate the DSCT% column after making this manual Cost change, you will see a discount in that column).

Resetting the discount

Let's say you have a project-wide discount set for Extron products, but you've gone through and edited a few Extron items to have a higher or lower discount.

If you later decide that you need to reset them all to the same discount, you can go into Project Details and click Push This Discount. This will override any line item level discounts you have set, and replace them all with the single project level discount.

Any time you have applied a discount to an item, you will see a note in the Add/Edit Item modal that says "Reflects Discount" here:

Please note that if you are adding an item with no connected cost (meaning there is no saved cost in your database, and you don't have a dealer pricing connection set up for that vendor) AND you have a project-wide discount applied to that vendor, you should take the discount into consideration when typing in the cost. The item will be added as if the discount were already applied, so you will want to type in the discounted cost.

Feel free to message us with any further questions!

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