Receiving Bid Requests

How to respond to Bid Requests once they have been received.

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Jetbuilt enables companies to send out Request for Proposals (RFPs), also known as Bid Tenders, and receive submitted proposals in response.

When your company receives an RFP, you gain access to all the necessary project items, requested scope of work, documentation, site photos, and more. You can add any additional items, costs, installation details, and services needed to complete the project.

Once you've prepared your proposal, simply submit it back to the requester for a seamless bid process.

To allow a member of your team to respond to bids, give them the Responds To Bids permission under Settings > Team > Active Users, and select the team members you wish to grant the permission to.

Users granted the necessary permissions will find the shared bid proposal in the Projects section. The proposal will be marked with a green down-arrow icon alongside the project name.

Upon accessing the project, you will see it as populated by the bid requester. Please note that rooms or systems cannot be edited as they are set by the bid requester. However, you can populate the project with your company's pricing, products, labor costs, and any additional options.

(NOTE: The bid requester can view overall prices such as project totals, labor, and equipment pricing but does not have access to your private information such as dealer costs and margins. Additionally, the bid requester cannot log into your project.)

Additionally, you can upload files, like drawings and other documents, in the Files section.

You can utilize the Discussions area to address questions and communicate directly with the bid requester. Here the bid requester can respond privately to your company, or publicly with all companies.

After populating the project with your company's details you are ready to submit your bid. Navigate to the Reports section. From there, select the desired proposal report and click on Submit Bid.

The bid requester will then receive your company’s submitted proposal. Here is an example of what the company that requested the bid sees on their end.

The top half of the Bid Comparator shows how bids compare by budget. The bid requester will see total labor, equipment, shipping, etc.

The bottom half of the Bid Comparator allows the bid requester to drill down into some of your deviations from their original design. They can see what items were removed or added by the bid recipient by clicking into the system they wish to see.

In the Design Insights area, the bid requester can see details about your bid. They can filter by rooms or systems, as well as how closely the bid recipient matched the brands or models of equipment. They will see a list of items added and removed as well as their pricing.

Please note: It is possible to withdraw bids. To do so, go to Reports. Click on the PDF proposal you sent, and click Withdraw.

Hope this helps - please let us know if you have any questions!

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