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Attaching Files/PDFs to Proposals

How to include PDFs in your reports to clients

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If you'd like to include a PDF in your proposals, you can easily do this with our Spec Sheets page.

The Spec Sheets page allows you to attach PDFs to line items in your projects, but you can use it to attach all kinds of PDFs, even if they aren't technically spec sheets.

For example, if you have a PDF of your company's policies that you'd like to include in all of your quotes, this is an easy way to add it.

To attach a PDF File to your Proposals:

1. Create a new Custom Line Item specifically for that PDF. Give it a name it to designate what it is. NOTE: Make sure the price, cost, labor, etc. are all set to zero.

2. Click 'Add Spec Sheet' and select the PDF you'd like to attach.

3. Select the "Hide" checkbox (Enterprise only). This will ensure that the line item doesn't appear in the list of equipment on your proposal, but the attached spec sheets will still apply.

When you render your proposal, it will include any files/spec sheets that you have attached to items in the project.

To be clear - you can always add a PDF to any item in your project. You don't necessarily need to create a custom product for specifically for the file, but we find that adding a dedicated custom item helps keep things organized. (It prevents you from digging through the project trying to remember which item you added the file to if you need to change it.)

In the future, any time you need to include that file in a proposal, just add the hidden custom item to your project!

Hope this helps - let us know if you have any questions!

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