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Create a Scope of Work with AI
Create a Scope of Work with AI

We've integrated AI into Jetbuilt to help you create scopes!

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Creating a great scope for each room can be challenging, but with AI it's easier than ever to get a professional scope of work quickly generated for the rooms in your project.

To generate a scope of work using AI, go into the Builder of a project and click Edit Scope under the Scope section. With the Scope field open, click the yellow Write with AI button.

The "Write your scope with AI" window will pop up, and from there you can either personalize the prompt then click Generate, or you can just click Generate.

In the example image below, I did not personalize the prompt, and AI generated this scope of work for me for the bedroom in my project.

After your scope of work has been generated by AI, you can review and make any edits you want, then click the blue Save button. After clicking Save, the scope will be saved for your room.

If you need to make further edits to the scope, you can click Edit Scope to re-open the Scope field and make any changes. Please make sure to click the blue Save button.

We hope this helps! If you have any questions, please reach out to us in support chat πŸ™‚

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