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Marking a Change Order (or Option) as "SOLD"
Marking a Change Order (or Option) as "SOLD"
How to mark a Change Order (or Option) as "SOLD" in your Project
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(This article shows the process to mark a Change Order as "SOLD", but you can follow the exact same steps outlined in this article to mark an Option as "SOLD".)

NOTE: Changes to a Project are referred to as "Options" in the Opportunity, Estimate, and Proposal Stages. In the Contract, Install, Review, and Completed stages, those changes are referred to as "Change Orders".

Marking as "Sold"

When you have sold a Change Order in a Project, you have the option to mark it as "SOLD".

To edit the details of the Change Order, hover your mouse over the name of the Change Order to bring up the "Edit Change Order" window.

At the bottom of this window is the option to "Mark Change Order Sold". (This can be reversed and marked "NOT Sold" by following the same instructions.)

The Change Order will now show "SOLD" next to the title.

With "SOLD" next to the Change Order's name, it provides a visual indication for your team that the Change Order has been accepted by your client.

NOTE: Marking a Change Order as "SOLD" will not put the items from the Change Order into the main part of the Project, and it will not add to the value of the Project Total. Those will occur when you merge the Change Order to the Project.

When Using a Change Order to Replace Items

If the Items in your Change Order are being used to replace other Items in the Project, marking the Change Order as "SOLD" will change the way the replaced Items appear in the Builder.

The replaced item's information will become greyed out, but the item will still be editable, if needed. Hovering your mouse over the small question mark will bring up a notification "This item has been removed from this project by Change Order 'name of change order'".

When you are ready, the "SOLD" Change Order can be merged to a room.

(Creating a new version of your project before marking as sold or merging allows you to save a copy of the project as it was, with the Change Order remaining separate from your main project version.)

Hope this helps - please let us know if you have any questions!

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