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Adding a Service Package to a Project
Adding a Service Package to a Project

How to add service packages to projects

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Once you have set up your Service Package (Enterprise-only) in the Settings area, you can add it to your project within the Project Overview area.

To add a Service Package to your project:

  1. Click "+Add Service Package"

2. Select a package from the dropdown menu. Note that if you have any service packages that are specific to the Office you're working in, those will appear at the top.

3. Confirm or adjust the pricing as needed. You can also select whether this package should be Optional (quoted as an option) or Included (included in the project total.)

4. Click Submit to add this package to your project. You will now see the Service Package title and price on the Overview tab.

Service Packages on Proposals:

When you render a proposal for an Optional service package, it will show up as an option on your Line Item Page, and Acceptance Page. 

Options pages have a hollow title bar to differentiate them from Line Item pages:

And the option is presented below the project total so the client can initial if they'd like to add it.

If you have marked your Service Package Included, it will show up as part of the base project.

The title bar will be solid to indicate that this is part of the main project.

And the Service Package total will be included in the project total.

Hope this helps! Please feel free to message us in the support chat if you have any questions. We're here to help!

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