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eSign for Estimates and Proposals
eSign for Estimates and Proposals

Learn how Jetbuilt's e-sign feature works

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With our eSign feature, you can generate a proposal and send it to your client for their signature, allowing them to buy the project, making the buying process more efficient for you and your client.

Enabling and Using the eSign Feature

To get started, go into Settings > Company > Defaults to enable the eSign feature. You can also select to have eSign active by default so that when you generate a new proposal in a project, eSign will already be selected for that proposal.

Once you have selected the "Enable eSign" checkbox, click Update Workflow Options to save your settings.

With eSign enabled, the next time you click into an existing proposal or generate a new proposal in a project, you will see a "Offer eSign" checkbox.

(Please note that for eSign to function properly, the Acceptance template page you use in your proposal must have the "Acceptance" checkbox selected. You can check to make sure yours does by going into Designer, selecting your report group, clicking on your Acceptance page, clicking the black Edit Options button, and making sure the "Acceptance" checkbox at the bottom of the window is blue.)

This eSign checkbox can be selected on a per-report basis. Once the checkbox is selected, the proposal will refresh, giving you a blue "Offer online signature updated" confirmation in the top right corner, while now displaying an expiration date below "Offer eSign." The expiration date is based on the "Price Valid Until" date field in the project's Project Details window.


When the "Offer eSign" checkbox is selected for a project's proposal and the "Price Valid Until" date in Project Details is prior to the current day, you will be prompted with a pop-up window to change the date. When this happens, please select a date that is either today's date or a date in the future.

When eSign's "Active By Default" checkbox is enabled in Company Settings, the "Offer eSign" checkbox will be grayed out if the "Price Valid Until" date is prior to the current day. You will need to change the "Price Valid Until" date within the Project Details before sending the proposal to your client for the eSign functionality to appear in the proposal.

Sending the Proposal to Your Client

Now that the proposal has eSign enabled, you can click on "Send To Client" to send the proposal to your client, as you normally would, but now with the eSign feature as part of the proposal.

After filling out the fields and clicking Send Email, your client will receive an email that looks like the image below.

When Your Client Clicks View Proposal

After your client has received the emailed proposal and clicks the View Proposal button in the email, your client will be directed to a new browser tab that contains the proposal with the eSign functionality.

When your client clicks Sign Online, a pop-up window will appear displaying the Project Total, checkboxes for any options and/or service packages you've added, a signature field, a name field, and a title field. (NOTE: This pop-up window will only show active options, as well as service packages marked as Optional--it will not show deactivated options or service packages that were marked as Included.)

After selecting any option/service package checkboxes, signing, and filling out the fields, your client will click Buy Project. This will refresh the proposal for the client with the information they just filled in, updating the Acceptance page (seen below), as well as adding an "X" next to any options and/or service package selected. (NOTE: Multiple options may be selected, but only one service package may be selected.)

Additionally, after clicking Buy Project, an email containing a copy of the signed proposal will be sent to you (both the Project Owner and the user who sent the proposal) and your client.

How a Signed Proposal Affects Your Project in Jetbuilt

Now that the client has signed the proposal, head back into your project in Jetbuilt. In the Overview tab, you will notice that the project has been automatically moved to the Contract stage, and the options and/or service package that your client wanted are marked as SOLD.

You can also click into the Reports tab of the project to see which proposal has been signed, indicated by a green signature icon.

We hope this helps! If you have any questions, please reach out to us in Support chat πŸ™‚

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