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The Projects list is where you will see all your projects in Jetbuilt, which can be edited, filtered, and sorted in a variety of ways.

Editing the Columns (Enterprise-only)

If you are an Enterprise user, you can edit the columns in the Projects list to show the columns most important to you.

To edit your columns, click Edit Columns, select the columns you want to see, and click Submit.

NOTE: While Client, Project, Stage, Owner, and Total Price are fixed default columns, you have the ability to choose whether or not to see columns for Description, Engineer, Project Manager, and Market.

Bulk Editing

With the bulk editing tool, you can bulk edit the fields under the columns for the Project Owner, Engineer, Project Manager, and Market Segment.

Click the Bulk Edit button to start making edits.

Once you've made your edits, click Save to save your changes.

NOTE: Bulk editing is available for both Lite and Enterprise users, but as mentioned earlier, only Enterprise users can edit the columns to show non-default columns.

Collapsing Filters and Filtering the Projects List

The Projects list also has collapsing and filtering capabilities to help you narrow in on what you want to see.

Collapsing Filter Categories

To collapse a filter category, click on the filter category name.

For example, some companies have many Project Owners, and it can be helpful to collapse the Project Stages, Archive, and Markets categories to see more of the Project Owners at one time without scrolling.

To expand the filter categories, click on the filter category names again.

Filtering the Projects List

To filter the Projects list for specific Project Stages, Archive stages, Markets, and/or Project Owners, click on a filter under a filter category. You can click on multiple filters at one time, even across different filter categories.

To remove the filters you selected, click on each filter name to return to seeing the entire, un-filtered Projects list.

Sorting Your Projects

There may be times when you need to sort your Projects list. If you need to sort your Projects list, you can sort by:

  1. Client (A to Z, or Z to A)

  2. Project (by creation date, assuming you haven't changed your project numbering system at some point)

  3. Stage

Click on either the Client, Project, or Stage column header at the top of the Projects list to start sorting.

We hope this helps! Please reach out to us in support chat if you have any questions πŸ™‚

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