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Purchasing Order Quantities
Purchasing Order Quantities
How to enter a custom quantity for the items in your Purchase order.
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Jetbuilt users may want to order more of a product than they're using on a single project - that way they have it on-hand and in stock for the next time they need it. Other times, they may wish to order fewer because they already have some in stock.

In the Purchasing section of your projects, you can now set custom order quantities.

To set a custom order quantity:

1. Open your project to the Purchasing area
2. Click "Edit Notes and Quantities"
3. Edit the number in the "Order Qty" column.

Be sure to click "Save" to apply your edits.

Note that the order quantity will, by default, show the quantity of that item in your project. (This is rounded up to the nearest whole number if the project quantity contains a decimal.)

The order quantity shown in the Purchasing section at time of rendering a PO will be the quantity shown on your Purchase Order.

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