Labor and Subcontractor Line Items

How to create non-equipment hourly labor line items and subcontractor labor line items

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You are now able to quote labor as its own category of line item. They function similar to Equipment Custom Items, but are categorized as labor and labor only, as opposed to Equipment. There are two different types of labor line items:

  1. Hourly Labor Items that utilize the labor rates set up in your Company Settings

  2. Subcontractor Labor Items that have their cost and price set for each individual items.

How to Create Labor Line Items

Similarly to creating a Custom Equipment Item, you click "+ Add Items" and "+ Create New Item".

When you do this, you will notice that you can create two different types of items.

Labor Line Items

Creating a Labor Item involves setting a flat Hours or Price for labor based on your company's labor rates. When you select this item type, you will be able to assign hours of labor for multiple different labor rates on the single item.

Subcontractor Labor Items

Creating a Sub-Contract Labor item is even more similar to creating an Equipment Custom item. You are able to select a category of labor for your line item to go into then set a flat cost and price for your labor.

In the builder, Subcontractor Cost and Price have their own columns.

Subcontract labor will total into the assigned category and will be displayed under its own header in the Margin Worksheet and P&L Breakout.

Labor Line Items in your Company Database

Both types of Labor Line Item will be saved to the Company Database upon creation. This means that you can search them to use again in the Builder as well as edit them in the Vendors section. There will be an indicator in yellow text letting you know the type of labor item it is.

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