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How to Hide Items on Proposals
How to Hide Items on Proposals
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You may find yourself wanting to hide items on your proposals as you add them to the builder. Items can be hidden individually or in bulk in each room. 

To hide them in bulk, you first need to add the Hidden column to the builder by clicking 'Edit Columns' at the top right  of the builder page.  

From here you can mark the box 'Hide Item On Proposals'. Then click 'Save'. 

Once you have marked the 'Hide Item on Proposals' box and clicked 'Save' you will see a column in the builder labeled 'H'.

To hide items in bulk simply click Edit Items, then mark the box next to the 'H' label at the very top. This will automatically mark all the items in the room as hidden. You can individually mark items to be hidden by clicking on the box in that line item under the 'H' column. 

Additionally, you can select an item to be hidden from proposals when you initially add the item to the project. Scroll down to the bottom of the '+Add Item' window and mark the box next to 'HIDE' and click save.

Let us know if you have any questions on this topic! 

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