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Including Service Packages in the Project Total
Including Service Packages in the Project Total

How to mark a Service Package 'Included' so that the total is reflected in your Project Total

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As an Enterprise user, you can sell Service Packages as an optional addition to your project. If your client has purchased the service package, or you require the client to purchase the package as part of your project, you can mark the package 'Included' to roll the service package total into the Project Total.

To Include a Service Package in the Project Total:

  1. Open your project to the Overview tab and select the service package that you'd like to include in the total. (If you don't yet have a service package on the project, you will need to add a service package first.)

  2. On the Add/Edit Service Package pop-up window, select the Included checkbox.

    If the project is pre-contract: You can select whether the package should be Optional or Included. (Optional service packages will be presented as Options on your proposal. Included service packages will be included in the base project.)

    If the project is post-contract: You can indicate whether the package is Sold (meaning the client has purchased it, but you don't want to roll it into your project totals), Included (client has purchased it and it's included in totals), or neither (client didn't purchase the package.)

  3. Determine whether you would like to convert the package to a Flat Rate.
    If the pricing method is set up as a percentage, you have the option to convert the package to Flat Rate. Use this if you don't want the Service Package total to change as the project is modified, or if you want to adjust the amount that's included in the project.

    For example, if you have a service package that's billed monthly, but you want to include 12 months of that package in the Project Total, you can switch it to Flat Rate and then adjust the rate to reflect 12 months of payment on your proposal.

    Please note: Converting a package to Flat Rate will prevent it from updating if there are any new changes to a project total, so we recommend that you do this as a last step before sending out your proposal.

    If you've converted a package to Flat Rate, but need to go back to a percentage method, you can delete the package from the project and re-add it. That will reset the package to the original pricing method.

  4. Determine whether your package should be Taxed.
    When you select the Taxed checkbox, you will see a field where you can type in a percentage. Some jurisdictions require that only a certain percentage of a package is taxed. Use 100% here if you want to apply tax to the whole package, or adjust the percentage down if you only want to tax a portion of the package.

    If you use separate tax rates for equipment and labor, we will use the labor tax rate for the service package.

  5. Click 'Submit' to save your changes.
    Once your package has been marked Included, you will see the Service Package total listed along with the other totals across your project. It will appear in its own category on the financial breakdown charts, and it will be listed in line with Factors in most other areas.

    You will have the option to break it out on the Summary Page on your proposal, and it will appear in line with the other totals on the Acceptance Page as well:

Hope this helps! As always, feel free to message us in the chat if you have any questions!

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