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How to Exclude Factors from Change Orders
How to Exclude Factors from Change Orders
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When creating a Change Order, you may not want all of the Factors from the main project to apply.
For example, you may have included a Factor for a permit fee on the main project, but you don't need that fee applied to the CO as well.
While there isn't currently a way to exclude Factors from certain Rooms/Items/Change Orders, we do have a couple of 'workaround' methods to help you get the same result.

The Quick Method:

  1. Create a new Version of your project

  2. In the new version, delete the Factors and create your Change Order

This allows you to get a CO report out to your client quickly without the unnecessary Factors included - just make sure you switch back to the original version if you need to reference your original project.

The Foolproof Method:

  1. Create a new Version of your project (I recommend naming it "As Sold" to denote that it's a copy of your original project as it was sold.)

  2. Go back to the first version of your project (or the version you were last working in) and make a note of the total price for each Factor that you want to exclude

  3. Create a Line Item in the project for each Factor. For example, if you had a $300 permit factor, and a $1000 travel factor, add both of those as a custom line items in the Builder.

  4. Delete the Factors.

  5. Create your Change Order.

This gets you the same result as the "Quick" method above, but it allows you to keep your original project price accurate in both versions. That way you don't need to switch back and forth between versions to reference anything - both project totals are correct. The line items you added in the main project won't affect the Change Orders, but they will still contribute to your overall Project Total.

Hope this helps - let us know if you have any questions!

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