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Quoting OFE (Owner Furnished Equipment)
Quoting OFE (Owner Furnished Equipment)

How to add Owner Furnished Equipment to your project (Enterprise)

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Enterprise users can easily add an 'Owner Furnished' tag to items in their projects.

Tagging an item as OFE automatically wipes out the Cost, Price, and Shipping values, and gives the item an "Owner Furnished" flag in the Builder and on Proposals.

To label an item as OFE:

1. Open the Add/Edit Item modal in the Builder

2. Select the OFE checkbox under the Additional Information section:

You can add an OFE column to the builder to easily see which items are tagged.

To view/edit OFE items in the Builder:

  1. Click 'Edit Columns' on the top right

  2. Select the 'Owner Furnished Equipment' column option:

This will add an OFE column in the Builder:

You can then click 'Edit Items' to select/deselect OFE items if needed:

All items that have been marked OFE will be noted on your Proposals. This note will say 'Owner Furnished' by default, but you can edit this within the Designer.

To Edit the OFE indicator on your Proposals:

1. Go to the Designer and open your Line Items page

2. Click Edit Options

3. Change the "Present OFE As" text to say whatever you'd like.

On your finished proposals, the OFE note will appear in line with the item:

Hope this helps - let us know if you have any questions!

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