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Creating and Assigning Sales Tasks

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You can use sales tasks to keep your sales flow organized, ensure that your team is following up with opportunities, and ultimately turn proposals into contracts.  

You can add tasks to any project or client and assign them to any of the Jetbuilt users in your account.

To Create Sales Tasks within a Project:
Open the project to the Overview page. At the bottom, left-hand corner of the page is a 'Sales Tasks' section.

Here you can view tasks in three different categories: All assigned tasks, tasks only assigned to you, and completed tasks.

To add a task click + Add Task

A window will open where you can describe the task, assign it, and give it a due date or assign it a start date and time. To select whether to use a due date or start date and time go to Settings>Company>Management. Here you can check 'Use Due Dates' or 'Use Scheduled Start Times' then click 'Update Task Planning'.

Once tasks are added they will be listed under the Sales Tasks section of that project, on the Dashboard, and on the associated client page.

To Edit a Sales Task:
Hover your cursor over the name of the task, and click the pencil icon that appears to the right.

To Create Sales Tasks for a Client:
You can also create tasks on the Client page for any of your clients. To do this, open the client page, and click + Add Task

Add the task name, due date/start date and time, and assign it to a team member.

Task Notifications:
Users will be notified of their tasks via email only if they have selected to receive emails for task notifications. These email settings can be adjusted within Settings > Me > Notifications

All tasks will appear on the Dashboard when you log in, regardless of whether you have selected email notifications or not.

To mark a task as completed:
Hover your cursor over the task and next to the edit icon a blue check mark will appear. Click the check mark and the task will be moved to the 'Completed' tab under the 'Sales Tasks' section.

Let us know if you have any questions! 

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