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How to Export your Option/Change Order Totals (Enterprise)
How to Export your Option/Change Order Totals (Enterprise)

Exporting your Options/CO totals to a spreadsheet

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We offer a few options for exporting your full project data, but Options and Change Orders aren't technically part of your project until they are merged, so they aren't included in other exports.

Enterprise users can use the Margin Worksheet to export Option/Change Order totals to a spreadsheet format.

To export your Option/Change Order totals:

Open your project to the Overview tab, and click "Margin Worksheet" in the Additional Tools section:

The Margin Worksheet will default to displaying your full project totals, but you can use the dropdown menu to select an Option/Change Order:

Once you have selected the Option/CO, click "Export Data" in the bottom right corner:

Hope this helps - let us know if you have any questions!

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