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How to Deactivate a Room or System
How to Deactivate a Room or System
Deactivating a room or system to hide it from reports
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Deactivating a room or system allows you 'hide' a room/system or save it for later without completely deleting it. When you deactivate a room or system it won't show up on your reports.  

To deactivate a room/system go into the builder and hover the cursor over the room/system, then click on the edit icon that appears to the right.

This will open an 'Edit Room' modal. Click 'Deactivate' on the bottom left. 

The deactivated room/system will appear under 'Inactive Rooms' where it can be reactivated by hovering the cursor over the room/system and clicking the edit icon. 

Please let us know if you have any questions about this!

Follow this link for a video on deactivating rooms and systems: Duplicate and Deactivate

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