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How to set up and generate an RFQ

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We now have a Request for Quote page template that allows you to select certain items from your project, and get a quote from your vendors for them.

You can add/edit this template within the Designer, and render RFQ reports within the Purchasing area of a project.

To add an RFQ page template, head over to Designer > Company Pages, then click "Add Page" and select the Purchasing page type:

Then use the right/left arrows to click through the different purchasing page templates until you land on the RFQ page:

Give the page a unique name, then click 'Create'

You can then edit the design/layout of the page to your liking. 

  1. You can add your company logo to the header (first select the header section, then click 'Add Element' and select your logo image)

  2. You can add, remove, edit, or rearrange the fields in the top section - we have added more dynamic text field options to choose from, so you can customize this as much as you'd like. 

  3. You can select which columns appear in your Line Item table (first select the line item table, then click 'Edit Options' to show/hide different columns) 

Once your page is set up, be sure to hit 'Save', then head over to your project to render your RFQ.

To create an RFQ within a project:

  1. Open your project to the Purchasing tab

  2. Select all of the line items you'd like to include (or select the checkbox at the top to 'Select All') 

  3. Click "Create Report"

This will open a modal where you can name your RFQ report page, and select which template you'd like to render the report from.

Then just click 'Create' and your RFQ report will populate in the list of Purchasing Reports on the left:

Hope this helps - let us know if you have any questions!

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