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When you first open a project, you will see a summary/overview with your project numbers broken down in various ways, along with tools for editing and exporting.

Here's a tour of what you'll find on the Overview page of a project.

The Overview

The first thing to note is that prices and costs on the Overview page are rounded to the nearest whole number. The Overview page is meant to give you an overall glance at the numbers, without the clutter of too many digits. (When you need to see the exact costs and prices, head into the Builder.)

Project Information

At the top of the page you will see your project name, along with other project details like client, project address, version number, and more. The price listed at the top is total sell price of the project--what your client will be paying you for your services.

Project Stage

The bar graph to the right of the project details (seen in the image above) shows you which stage your project is currently in. Click Move to change the project stage.

Rooms and Systems

In the Rooms/Systems sections, the total sell price for each is displayed, including equipment, labor, shipping, factors, and tax.

The sum of the totals under Rooms or the sum of the totals under Systems will add up to the full project total (total sell price).

Options (or Change Orders)

Depending on what stage your project is in, the Options/Change Orders section will display as "Options" or as "Change Orders". Meaning, once your project is moved to the Contract stage, all Options become Change Orders, as a convenience.

Much like Rooms/Systems section, this section displays the total sell price for each of the Options/Change Orders in your project. (Enterprise users can add Service Packages to projects, which will also be displayed in this section.)

Cost Breakdown

The Cost Breakdown sections breaks down your project costs by category. The pie chart displays the percentage that each category contributes to your total project costs.

Labor Breakdown

The Labor Breakdown section lists each of your labor types with their values broken down by Hours, Days, and Price.

The Hours and Price columns are populated based on how much labor is added to your project in the Builder (from both line items and labor factors).

The Days column uses crew size and hours per day to determine how many days of labor there are for each Labor Type. You can edit the crew size and number of hours per day by clicking on a selection from the dropdown menu arrows at the top of the Labor Breakdown section.

Costs/Margins Graph

The Costs/Margins section's graph displays a breakdown of your costs or margins for each category, depending on which you select to view. Click the button on the top right to toggle between the two.

Sales Tasks

The Sales Task section displays all sales tasks relevant to this project. You can select All, Mine, or Completed to filter the task list accordingly. Use the "Add Task" button in this section to add new sales tasks to the project as well.


The Factors section is where you can view, add, or edit the factors on the project. (You will need to create your Company Factors in the Settings area before you can add them to projects.)

Additional Tools

The Additional Tools section is where you will access tools for integrations like Quickbooks Online, Vidcad, and Google Sheets, as well as the Export Data button, which allows you to export your project as a CSV file. (This section will look a bit different for each company, depending on which integrations you have set up.)

We hope this helps! Please reach out to us in support chat if you have any questions!

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