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Marking a Service Package as Sold
Marking a Service Package as Sold

How to mark as Service Package as Sold in the Projects area

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After you have sold a Service package to a client, you can indicate that package has been sold in the Projects Area.

When the project is pre-contract (Opportunity, Estimate, or Proposal stages), you can include the package in the project total.

After a project is sold (Contract stage or later), you will have the option to mark the package "Sold". Projects that were "Included" in earlier stages are automatically marked "Sold' once they hit contract.

To Mark a Service Package as Sold:

  1. Open your project to the Overview tab and ensure that you are in the Contract stage or later. (If you aren't yet in contract, head over here to include the package instead.)

  2. Select the Service Package:

3. On the Edit Service Package window, select the "Sold" checkbox.

If you would like to leave the Service Package total separate from the Project Total, click Submit and you're all set.

If you would like the Service package total to be included in the Project Total, select the Included checkbox as well.

How this indication appears:

  • If the package is Sold but not Included, it will show a SOLD indicator on the Overview tab:

  • If the package is both Sold and Included, you will see an INCL indicator:

  • If you are using the Service module, and you need to create a service ticket for a client that has purchased a service package, we will indicate the service package's purchase on the service ticket form so that you can easily see what the client should be charged for their service call.

Hope this helps! If you have any questions, please reach out to us in support chat πŸ™‚

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