Editing a Bundle

How to Edit a Bundle in the Builder

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Bundles allow you to quickly add items to a project that are frequently sold together. Once you have set up a bundle, you may need to edit the items or the bundle information. 

To add or remove items from the bundle:

Go to the Builder and open a project that contains the bundle you'd like to edit.

Hover your cursor over the bundle title, and a small edit icon will pop up. Click the edit icon to open up the bundle for editing.

From here you can select which items you would like to add or remove from the bundle. 

To remove an item from the bundle, just deselect the checkbox. To add an item, select the checkbox. Once you have selected the items you'd like to add or remove, click 'Submit Edits'. 

Note that any items you'd like to add to the bundle will need to be added to the project as individual line items first.

To edit the bundle name, description, quantity, or ratio:

Simply click the on the bundle title. This will open an 'Edit Bundle' window where you can adjust the bundle information. You can also push/pull to the database from here.

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