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How to Edit a Bundle in the Builder

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Bundles allow you to quickly add items to a project that are frequently sold together. Once you have set up a bundle, you may need to edit the items or the bundle information.ย 

Editing a bundle can only be done in the Builder of a project, and cannot be done from the Vendors area (where you can delete bundles).

To add or remove items from the bundle:

(If you'd like to edit the bundle without using it in a project, you can add the bundle to any project, edit it, save it, and then delete the bundle from the project.)

Go to the Builder and open a project that contains the bundle you'd like to edit.
Hover your cursor over the bundle title, and a small edit icon will pop up. Click the edit bundle icon to open up the bundle for editing.

From here, you can select which items you would like to add or remove from the bundle.ย 

To remove an item from the bundle, just deselect the checkbox.

To add an item to the bundle, you'll first need to have that item included as a line item in the project. Then, when you click to edit the bundle, you can select the checkbox for that item and add it to the bundle.

Once you have selected the items you'd like to add or remove, click 'Submit Edits'.

To edit the bundle name, description, or quantity ratio:

First click the on the bundle name in the Builder. This will open an 'Edit Bundle' window where you can edit the bundle information to update the name, image, description, and item quantity ratios, and then click 'Save'.

Once you've saved the desired changes to a bundle, you can use the 'Push/Pull to Database' feature to "push" (i.e., save) the bundle to your company database for future use. To do so, click the bundle name again to open the edit window, click 'Push/Pull to Database', select which fields you'd like to update (bundle name, image, description, and/or contents), and then click 'Push to DB'.

To update item information within a bundle:

Information for the items within your bundles is pulled directly from your company database. In order to update the information of those items (like the cost, price, tax, etc.), you'll need to update the item itself by editing the information and "pushing" (i.e., saving) the updated information to your company database.

NOTE: If you want to change the information on bundled items for a specific project and not save it for future use, you can follow the steps below, but do not use Push/Pull to Database.

One way that this can be done is by clicking 'Edit Items' in the Builder, make your desired changes to your item information, and click 'Save'. Then, you can again click 'Edit Items', select the bundle that includes those updated items, and click 'Push/Pull to Database'.

In the window that pops up, you can select to update the items, choose which fields contain the information that you'd like to push to your database (or select all), and then click 'Push to DB'.

Another way you can update the item information within a bundle is by clicking the actual item name within the bundle, editing the information in the "Edit Item" window, and then clicking 'Save'. Next, re-open the "Edit Item" window, and use the Push/Pull to Database feature to push the updated information to the database.

We hope this helps! Please reach out to us in support chat if you have any questions ๐Ÿ™‚

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