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Creating and Using Change Orders (& Options) in the Builder
Creating and Using Change Orders (& Options) in the Builder

How to create, manage, and replace items with Change Orders and Options.

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(This article shows the Change Order creation process, but you can follow the exact same steps outlined in this article to create an Option. So, anywhere it says "Change Order" in the steps/images below, it will say "Option" when you're creating an Option.)

NOTE: Changes to a Project are referred to as Options in the Opportunity, Estimate, and Proposal Stages. In the Contract, Install, Review, and Completed stages, those changes are referred to as Change Orders.

To create a Change Order in the builder:

  1. Open your project and make sure it's in the Contract or Install stage.
    Note: Moving a project to Contract automatically changes any unsold Options to potential Change Orders as a convenience.

  2. Go to the Builder and click +Add Change Order (or go to the Overview tab and click + Add Upgrade/Downgrade Change Order).

  3. Give it a name, payment schedule (if different from your default schedule) and scope.

Now let's add some equipment.

  1. Select your Change Order from the Rooms/Systems list. (If you don't see your Change Order in the list, be sure to select "All Rooms" first.)

  2. Click +Add Items and enter equipment as you normally would:

If you would like to replace any of the items in your project with new items:

  1. On the Add/Edit Item modal, select "Replaces Existing Items That Are Already In This Project".

  2. Select the item(s) that this item is replacing:

This will add a "Credits for Replaced Items" line on your Change Order Report. Once you have finished building your Change Order, you can present it to your client with a Change Order Report.

If you already have a Change Order Report Group, you can head over to the Reports section within your project to render a CO Report.

After the Change Order is sold, and you're ready, you can merge it with your project.

We hope this helps! Please reach out to us in support chat if you have any questions.

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