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Onboarding Guide

Some basic training to get you started!

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Are you new to Jetbuilt? Or maybe you're helping a new team member get up to speed. Whatever your reason, this guide will familiarize you with the foundations of Jetbuilt 🚀

While everything in this quick-start guide is important to get you set up for success in Jetbuilt, maybe you just want to get straight to the best part, and come back up here for the rest afterward.

If so, click here. (We get it. It's almost too tempting.)

If you are continuing, or just coming back from checking out the best part, great! Let's go.

Videos & Support

Below is a link to our tutorial video library. We've added more features as we've grown, so some of the videos may not look exactly as what you see today, but the foundational features and functionality still hold true.

Also, you can find our awesome human support chat team, and a variety of beneficial resources, by clicking Help is here near the bottom left of your Jetbuilt account 😎

Company Settings

Jetbuilt is a comprehensive platform, which means there are settings that you will likely want to explore and configure during your Jetbuilt learning journey. Before creating your first official project, we recommend that you configure the four most important tabs of your Company Settings.

These tabs can be found by clicking on Settings in the main left-hand navigation menu, then clicking on Company. The recommended tabs to initially set up are:

  1. Basics

  2. Defaults

  3. Currency/Tax

  4. Labor Rates

By configuring these four tabs in your Company Settings, you will have covered the critical settings of Jetbuilt to ensure that your company's project creation processes and workflows are in place, preparing you to successfully create your first official project 😊

Of course, if you are still in a trial, or you are wanting to further familiarize yourself with the core project building features of Jetbuilt, please feel free to jump into one of the demo projects in your account, or even create your own test project!

Connecting to Your Dealer Pricing

One of the foundational strengths of Jetbuilt is our Dealer Pricing functionality. By having all your costs from your manufacturers and distributors connected to your account, referencing endless price sheets will be a distant memory. Just upload, and go.

Please check out the following help articles to learn more.

While our data team is lightning fast, after you've uploaded your price sheets, please allow 24-48 hours for the costs from your price sheet to be connected to your account (especially for large price sheets).

P.S. All your costs are private to your company. No other company that uses Jetbuilt will be able to see your costs. That is private 🔏

Building Your Project

Now, to the best part of Jetbuilt: building projects and generating proposals 😁

The process of building a project is easy and intuitive. The steps listed below, linked to help articles, will show you the way.

That's it 🏄‍♂️

It is that fast to go from project idea to proposal.

Do you want more?

Naturally, there is a lot more to Jetbuilt. We have developed some very cool features over the years, and we continue to do so.

Below, you will see what we consider to be super useful article links that will help you dive deeper into the project building aspect.

Additionally, here are a few articles about the Designer tool, where you will be able to customize report pages and create report groups to generate proposals for your clients.

Exploring Areas Beyond the Project Platform: Funnel, Install, Portal, Service, and Stock

We also have five fantastic addon modules (take that, Fantastic Four) that will help your company track leads, manage project installations, communicate with clients, stay on top of service tickets, and take control of your inventory.

We hope this helps! Please reach out to us in support chat with any questions or feedback.

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