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Get started using Jetbuilt with this step-by-step guide

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New to Jetbuilt?

New Hire?

Helping a team member get up to speed?

This guide will walk you through the basics, and help you get up and running in Jetbuilt!


Before we get started, here are links to our Help Article library, Support chat, and our Tutorial Video library.

Connecting to Your Dealer Pricing via Jetbuilt

When you get started with Jetbuilt, you'll want to make sure to connect to your dealer pricing so that the cost of the items in your proposals match your dealer pricing.

When you submit your prices sheets it will typically take a few days to process and get you set up with your connections. In the meantime, you can start building your first Project.

Company Settings

Some users find it helpful to set up their Company Settings first, before creating their first project. If you would rather jump into creating a project first, skip down to "Setting up You First Project", and come back to this step later. (You can find this in Settings>Company.)

Setting up Your First Project

We try to make the process of building a project with our software as intuitive as possible. We hope you find this process fun and easy. Here are some examples to show you the way!

Project Details, project-specific parameters

Now that you've built your first project, time to create a proposal to share with a client.

Creating Your First Proposal

You can start with the default pages set up in your account to quickly create a professional looking proposal. However, we find that many users like to create their own proposal template designs, and we've given you the tools to do that.

You'll work in Designer to create the report pages that you will use for your project.

Designer Edit Options are page specific

How to Generate a Report for your Project

P&L Breakout

If you want to look at your project financials, here is one way to do so.

P&L Breakout (Enterprise accounts only)

Creating Your First Change Order

After the client has accepted your proposal, you may want to make a change that requires client approval. We do that by creating a Change Order.

Exporting Projects to Integrated Platforms

Jetbuilt has the ability to integrate with some downstream platforms to help with your downstream accounting needs.

Exploring areas beyond the Project Platform: Funnel, Install, Stock, and Service

Getting started with Funnel

Getting started with Install

Getting started with Stock

Getting started with Service

If you don't already have Funnel, Install, Stock, or Service you can add them to your account by going to Settings>Team>User, and adding the module there for each user!

Each module can be added individually. Here's how to add a module.

We hope this helps! Please reach out to us in Support chat with any questions or feedback!

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