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Using Report Groups to set up your proposal template

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Report Groups are groups of pages that are used to render your reports/proposals. You can add, remove, edit, or rearrange the pages in your report within the Designer.  

Adding a New Report Group
To add a new group, click +Add Report Group, then give it a name.

The new group will now show up in your Report Group list. To add pages to this group, simply drag pages in from the Company Pages column.

Removing Pages From a Group
To remove a page from a group, hover your cursor over the name of the page you'd like to remove, then click the "x" icon that appears to the right. 

Re-organizing a Group  
To re-organize the pages in a group, simply click and drag them into the desired order. 

Deleting a Report Group
To delete a group, first select the group, then click 'Delete Group'.

Hiding a Group
The Report Group list is shared across your company. If your list of report groups is too long, you can hide any report groups that aren't relevant to you. This helps to keep your list short and tidy.

To hide a group, hover your cursor over the group name, and click the 'hide' icon that appears to the right. 

This will place the group in the 'Hidden' folder. (You can always bring report groups back into your main list if you need to use them again later.)

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