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Designer Edit Options
Designer Edit Options
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The Designer Area offers flexible editing options for the various pages that can be used in reports. The most editable pages include the Line Item page, Change Order Page, Acceptance pages, Change Order Acceptance page, and the Summary page. 

To access the edit options in the Designer, click on 'Company Pages' and select either an existing page, or click '+Add Page' to create a new one. Once you have a page selected, click 'Edit Options'. This will open an overlay where you can choose the various edit options available for that page.

The Line Item page and Change Order page have the same edit options available. Rooms/system details, line item details, labor details, and bundle presentation can all be edited on these two pages. You can choose what information is displayed or not displayed on the page, or to have page breaks between rooms. You can also choose how bundles are presented on the line item or change order pages.

The acceptance pages (general and change order) have the same edit options as well. These edit options allow certain details of the project to shown or hidden on this page. You can choose whether or not to include tax with certain totals and to display terms and conditions or the acceptance information. 

The summary page allows details of the project to be shown or hidden in the report. Rooms and systems breakout options can be shown or hidden, as well as labor breakout options and factor breakout objects. You can also choose to show or hide the project total summary. Additionally, you can select whether or not shipping, factors, or tax are included in the project totals. 

Be sure to save your changes after you have adjusted these settings, and feel free to message us if any questions come up!

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