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Connecting to Dealer Pricing
Connecting to Dealer Pricing

How to set up vendor pricing connections

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The Jetbuilt product database is populated with an incredible amount of products so you don't have to spend time manually entering them. We can also connect you to your dealer pricing so your unique costs will populate when you add products in the Builder. 

To set up your dealer pricing connection, go to the Vendors area and click +Connect to or Update Vendors in Bulk.  

This will open a form where you can upload your vendor price sheets. You can upload as many different price sheets at the same time for a variety of manufacturers and distributors. You can also upload a single price sheet using this method if you received an updated price sheet from one of your vendors, or if that's just all you have!

Once you've uploaded your price sheets, our data team will process and connect the pricing to the correct vendor so that dealer pricing will appear in your account. The average turnaround time is 24 hours, but please allow up to 48 hours for us to get your pricing connected.

NOTE: Price sheets in a spreadsheet file format, like .xlsx or .csv, are preferred. PDFs are also accepted, but may take longer to process.

Once your vendor connection is set up, your dealer cost will populate in the "Add Item" window in the Builder.

If you are connected to direct manufacturer pricing for an item, your cost will automatically populate in the Cost field.

If you are connected to distributor pricing for an item, you will see the option to use that pricing by selecting the box that says "Use" to fill the Cost field with your distributor cost. 

Here's a tutorial video for Dealer Pricing Integration.

NOTE: When connecting to pricing for a vendor for the first time, you must submit the most up-to-date price sheet from that vendor. If you submit an out-of-date price sheet, the data team will reach out to you and ask you to reach out to your vendor rep to obtain the most recent price sheet.

Also, establishing a pricing connection with your vendors only ensures that your pricing will reflect the most recent price sheet you uploaded. Many vendors update their pricing frequently. Be sure to upload your updated price sheets as you receive them from your rep to keep your pricing in Jetbuilt current!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in Support chat! 🙂

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