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Here is a quick look at everything the Install platform offers, and how to use it.

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The Install platform allows you to:

  1. Create tasks for all of your install items. These tasks will be saved to the item, so the next time you add that item to a project, the task will automatically populate. 

  2. Assign tasks to your field techs. They can view and check off these tasks from their phones using the JetbuiltGO app (available for both iPhone and Android). 

  3. Get updates on the progress. You can opt to receive email updates when tasks are created or completed. 

  4. Keep all of your projects on track. The timeline/gantt chart feature allows you to see a progress overview of all of your projects at once. 

  5. Track the time your Install users work on a project. Install technicians can clock in and out of projects where tasks are assigned under different labor rates.

TIP: You can trial the Install module for free for 30 days! If you'd like to trial Install, please reach out to Support chat (by clicking the blue chat icon at the bottom left in our Help Article library) and we can get that activated for you.

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