Tracking inventory with Jetbuilt's warehousing platform, Stock
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Using the new Stock platform, you can track your inventory and where it's stored through the use of printable QR codes. You can scan the code on a storage rack, a truck, a project site, or a piece of equipment in order to mark items as received, move items from location to location, and manage the assets found there.

Once you've created a Stock Location you can now start marking the products stored there.

Add Items

In order to start tracking your inventory, you can add the gear that you already have in stock to the system. You can do this by navigating to Stock > Items and selecting "Add Items" in the top right corner.

You will be prompted to search for the item you would like to add to stock - this has to be an existing Jetbuilt Database or Custom item. Once you've selected your item, you will be prompted to mark a location where it is stored and can choose whether you'd like to track it by serial number or not. And, as always, you can generate a QR label to track that piece of equipment.

Receiving Items

This works similarly to adding items, but functions off of the POs that have been generated in the Jetbuilt system. Instead of adding items arbitrarily, you can search for items on your existing POs in order to mark as "received".

From the main stock page or from Stock > Items, you can select "Receive Items". This will prompt you to search for a PO, manufacturer, or project that the gear is for.

Once you've found your PO, you can then mark to receive the item from the search.

This will prompt you with a modal similar to that of Adding Items. Select your location, whether you'd like to track serial numbers, and generate a QR code for your equipment.

Moving Items

This is where our QR scanning comes in! Either using a scanner connected to the computer or using the mobile app, you can select "Move Items". In the Move Items modal, all you have to do is select the text box and scan the QR code on your item.

Once you've scanned the item, you can select "Next". Then, you can either search for the location the equipment is moving to, or you can scan the QR code placed on the physical location!

Now, in Stock > Items, you can select the item to expand it and view its location, as well as some other info you may have attached to the item!

*Note: Don't forget to update your mobile app to use Stock from your phone!

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