Labor Pricing Programs

Create customized sets of labor rates that you can apply to certain projects or clients.

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This is a powerful Enterprise tool that allows you to easily switch between different labor rates. This is especially useful if you work with multiple installation crews that are paid differently depending on the project or Office Location. Rather than manually adjusting your labor rates for each project, you can simply apply a labor program.
Labor programs can be attached to projects, and/or saved to clients as needed.

To set up a new Labor Program:

Go to Settings > Company > Pricing Programs:

Under 'Labor Programs', click "+Add Labor Program" and a modal will open where you can enter the unique labor rates for this program:

Once you have saved your new labor program, you can attach it to projects or clients.

For new projects, you can select the labor program from the dropdown menu as you are setting up the project.

For existing projects, go to 'Project Details' to add a new labor program:

Once you have attached this labor program to a project, all of your labor will be calculated based on these new rates. You can remove or switch labor programs at any time within the Project Details panel.

To attach this Labor Program to a Client:

Go to the Clients area and select a client. Hover your cursor over the client's name and click the small pencil icon that appears:

This will open the "Edit Client" modal where you can attach your new labor program: 

Once this labor program has been saved to your client, you can create a new project directly from the client page and it will automatically add the labor program to the new project for you:

(Note that the labor program will not automatically populate for this client unless you create the project from within their client page.) 

Editing Existing Labor Programs:

If you need to make changes to a labor program that you have already applied to a project, go to Settings > Company > Pricing Programs and adjust the rates as needed.

Any changes made in the Settings area will not automatically be applied to existing projects, so this change won't affect any of your projects automatically.

To pull in the updated labor rates on a specific project, open that project and go to Project Details, then remove the labor program, and click 'Save'. You can then go back to Project Details and add the Labor Program again. This will pull in the new updated rates.

Please feel free to message us on the support chat if you have any questions!

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