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Equipment Pricing Programs
Equipment Pricing Programs

How to set up an Equipment Pricing Program to quickly discount or markup your equipment prices.

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Equipment programs allow you to automatically price items using customized criteria. You can automatically create standard discounts or markups, and apply these to any project or client. 

Here is a video where you can watch Paul set up a new equipment program. 

To set up an Equipment Program:

1. Go to Settings > Company > Pricing Programs
2. Click "+Add Equipment Program

3. Name your equipment program, select the pricing method, and choose whether you'd like this to apply to all items, or only certain manufacturers. 

You can also make this program the default for all of your projects, or assign it to a client so that it's automatically added every time you create a new project for that client. 

Once you have created your equipment program, be sure to add it to your project within Project Details. 

This will automatically price all of your equipment based on the criteria you set.

Note: This feature is only available for Enterprise accounts. 

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