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How to set up your company account as a Jetbuilt Admin
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For Jetbuilt Admin users who have the Edit Company Settings permission, you are able to set up your company account by going to Settings > Company. Here you can enter your basic company details:

Once you have those set up, there are a few other areas that you'll want to take a look at before you begin creating projects.

Labor Rates

To set up your company labor rates, go to Settings > Company > Labor Rates.
Here you can add new labor types, select them to be taxed by default, and give them a cost/price.

These labor rates will be pulled in to each new project you create. If you'd like the option to adjust these rates on a per-project basis, select the checkbox that says "Allow for Unique Labor Costs in Each Project".
Please note that any changes made to these labor rates will only affect new projects going forward - editing these will not affect your existing projects. For more details, check out our article on Setting Default Labor Rates and Costs.


To set currency and tax preferences go to Settings > Company > Currency/Tax.
Here you can choose your operating currency and tax preferences. You can also set up tax discounts.

Invite Team Members

If you have the Add/Remove Team Members permission, you can invite other users to your company by going to Settings > Team and clicking +New User. Select the permissions you would like them to have, and send your invite. If you add users in the middle of a billing cycle, their subscription amount will be prorated accordingly.
From this tab you can also edit user permissions for existing teammates by clicking on their names.

Personal Account Info

To customize your personal info and preferences, go to Settings > Me.
Here you can change your password, add photo of yourself, and customize your notification preferences.


To create/edit your company's default settings, go to Settings > Company > Defaults. Here you can add default Rooms, Systems, Phases, Tags, Payment Schedules, Shipping Preferences, turn on Manager Approval, etc.

These are the main things you will want to set up before you start building your projects, but we offer several more ways to fine tune your preferences as you go.

Please reach out to the Support Team if you have any questions!

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