Company admins can adjust the permissions for each of the users in their account depending on what roles/restrictions they'd like the user to have.

You can edit a user's permissions within Settings > Team. Just select a user to open their permissions menu.

Here is a breakdown of each of the Sales Permissions:

Billing Liaison:
This gives a user permission to access the Billing area where they can enter/update payment information, and make changes to the subscription status. Users without this permission will not be able to access the Billing page at all. 

Admin Privileges:
Admins can invite or deactivate users from the company, and edit user permissions (like these) for all users in the company. They can also edit company settings (locations, tax and labor rates, defaults, defaults, integrations, factors, etc.)
Admins can view all projects for any locations they are assigned to, whereas non-admins can be included/excluded from viewing certain projects. (Permission to view projects for non-admin users is granted on a per-project basis for Enterprise users).
Note that all Lite users will always have permission to view all projects. 

Design Report Pages:
This permission gives a user access to the Designer to create and edit report groups and company pages.  Without this permission, users can render proposals from report groups that already exist in the company, but they cannot create their own or edit any existing report groups/pages.*

Create and Setup Items:
This permission allows users to create custom products that can be used in projects, and are saved to your company's custom products database. Users with this permission will see the option to "Create New Item" when adding items in the Builder. Users without this permission cannot create new products, but they can use custom products that have already been set up in the company's database.*

Add Jetbuilt Products:
This permission determines which products will display in the search results when adding items to a project in the Builder. If you have the permission to 'Add Jetbuilt Products', you will see a full list of all of the products from our database (whether your company has used them before or not.)  If you don't have this permission, your search results will only yield custom products, and products your company has set up/used before.*

Share Projects:
Users with this permission can share projects with other Jetbuilt users in different companies. Item costs and labor prices are never shared with outside companies, but the line items and other project information are transferred over. Users without this permission will not have the option to share projects. 

Create Clients and Projects:
Users with this permission can set up new clients, and create/build projects. Users without this permission can still view and edit existing clients, but they cannot create new ones. Similarly, they can view existing projects and even edit some aspects of a project, but they cannot create new projects or add line items.

See Costs and Margins:

Users with this permission can view/edit item costs and margins, while users without this permission will only be able to view an item's sell price.*

View and Report Only:
If a user only has this permission selected (and no others) they will be able to view projects and create proposals, but will not be able to edit anything.

*This permission has an 'Enterprise' logo by it because only Enterprise users have the option to turn this permission off.  All Standard users have this permission turned on by default, and they cannot restrict this permission from any users in their company. 

Funnel Permission

Sales Manager
This allows sales users to see all leads and filter by sales representative. 

Sales Rep
This permission allows sales reps to be assigned leads and they can see only those assigned leads. 

Email Sync
This permission allows users to sync their email with Jetbuilt Funnel so that they can send and view emails sent to prospects and clients.

Install Permissions

Create Tasks:
Users with this permission can access the 'Management' area within projects, create new Install tasks, attach them to line items, assign them to other users, and schedule them on the company calendar. 

Perform Tasks:
This permission allows users to check off Install tasks as they are completed, leave notes, and upload photos of completed tasks. Users who only have this permission will not have access to the Builder, so they will not be able to view any sensitive financial information or project details outside of the Install tasks/calendar.

Note that the Install platform is billed separately from the main Sales/Quoting platform, and adding Install permissions to a user automatically subscribes them to the Install platform.

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