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Use labor preset tool to quickly add labor to item in your projects

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You may have labor values that are standard for particular items. Labor presets is a tool that allows you to easily and quickly add saved labor values to an item. First, the labor presets must be created in company settings. To do this, go to Settings > Company > Labor Presets. From this page you can click '+Add Labor Preset' to add a new labor preset or click on an existing labor preset to edit it.

In the window that pops up you can name the labor preset and add a description. Then add the desired number of minutes for each labor type within each labor category. The labor types will be based on the labor types and rates set in Settings > Company > Labor Rates. Here is more information on setting default labor rates.

Once labor presets are added in company settings they can now be added to item within projects. To do this go to the project and click on the desired item. On the edit item window there is a labor preset dropdown menu where you can select the desired labor preset, then click 'Save'.

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