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Set Default Labor Rates and Costs
Set Default Labor Rates and Costs

How to create and edit Labor Rates and Costs for your company

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Company labor rates allows you to seamlessly quote labor for each project.

To set Labor Rates for your company:

Go to Settings > Company > Labor Rates

In this area, you will see four labor categories:
​Engineering, Installation, Management, and Programming.

Within each of these four categories, you can create Labor Types.
Labor types are the various positions or pay rates within each category.
For example, if you pay a senior engineer at one rate, and a junior engineer at another rate, you can add them as different labor types under the Engineering Category.

Enterprise users can create up to 40 labor types, while Lite users are limited to one labor type per category.
Once you have set up your labor types, click "Update Labor Rates and Costs".
Any new labor types will be added to all of your existing projects, but any updates to your rates (changes in the cost/price) will only affect new projects going forward.
This allows you to add new labor types for a current project without worrying about rate changes affecting projects that you have already sold.

If you need to change the labor rate for an existing project, or if you change your rates on a per-project basis, select the checkbox that says "Allow Labor Costs To Be Adjusted Per Project". This will open up the option to edit your labor costs on the Project Details panel within each project:

Hope this helps - please feel free to message us if you have any questions!

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